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What the Bible Teaches

The complete 'What the Bible Teaches' Commentary can now be used with the 'Online Bible' on

          a)  Windows Computers 

          b)  Mac Computers, IOS (eg Ipad, Iphone) and Android Devices

Ordering and running on


1 Order


Order the Full Online Bible

         £15 for existing users + £3p&p

Order the WBT Commentary

         £25 for the Unlock Code

Both are available on this site


Alternatively you can download the free, but very basic version of the Online Bible for Windows from www.onlinebible.net, and then once installed, you can download the 'What the Bible Teaches' Commentary upon payment of the Unlock fee of $40 USD.



We will be expanding this page but if you need futher details, help or advice, please call Raymond on 01738 628888

Ordering and Running on

Mac, IOS, and Android

1 Order


Download and install the free Online Bible App from www.onlinebible.com. This provides a basic 'Online Bible' platform to which you can add Bible Versions, Commentaries etc. Some are free and some require payment.


Within the App go to the 'Online Bible' store and there under Commentaries, select the 'What the Bible Teaches' Commentary. When payment is made, it will download and install.


You will then be able to install the free 'Online Bible' and the 'What the Bible Teaches' Commentary on any other of your Mac, IOS and Android devices.